March 11, 2022

My husband and I recently had the outside of our home renovated and a large attached garage added. Patrick did the stonework on the garage and house. He did a fantastic job. We had an old thick cement slab for a front porch. It was at least 60 yrs old and had a crack going down the center. To remove it would have been a nightmare, and to cover it would have taken away from the stonework on the front of the house. While Patrick was cleaning up from his work he did to the house we started to discuss the porch. I was discussing our dilemma and he asked if I had ever thought about doing a concrete overlay. He showed me some pictures and offered to make up some samples. My husband really liked this idea also, so we turned him lose, and all I can say is……BEAUTIFUL!!!! We have had so many compliments. I absolutely LOVE my porch!! It is a one of a kind. I grew up in this house. I have tons of memories sitting on that porch with my parents, family and friends I love that the original is still there, but with a whole new look. I know my parents would have loved it. Thank you Patrick for suggesting it, and transforming the front of my house into something beautiful. I would recommend Patrick to anyone in a heartbeat. He does great work. Works neatly and is just a great person. Thanks Masonry Doctors